To bring imagination, experience and energy to client’s spaces by using furniture, fabric, color and accessories. Our goal is to render and revitalize our valued client’s spaces for their ultimate purpose.

We interpret our client’s needs and desires and create innovative interiors to make their dreams come true. We thrive on the opportunity to experiment with color, texture and material, creating the unexpected.

Together with her experienced and talented team, Amelia Rozas builds personal relationships with clients to create interiors that stimulate. Inspired by her passion and driven by her experience, Amelia creates modern, elegant and positive spaces that are personally cultivated to the client’s individual needs.

Meet the "A" Team


Amelia Rozas
CEO & Founder

 An architect and interior designer, Amelia Rozas comes from and is inspired by her artistic and creative family of architects. She describes herself as "loving and living for art," and believes that art and design is the only way to truly express individuality to the world. 

Amelia received her Bachelor’s Degree from Universidad Iberoamericana del Caribe. She holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Florida International University. Internationally-inspired and influenced, she completed her thesis at Universita degli Genova in Genova, Italy. A lifelong learner who believes in staying on top of industry trends, Amelia has also taken classes at the Sheffield School of Interior Design, Miami International University (Art Institute) and the QC Design School, becoming an expert in the areas of re-design, home staging, green design and Feng-Shui. Amelia is a Certified International Staging and Re-Design Professional. Amelia is an involved, respected member of the National Association of Professional Women, The Institute Degree Designation Program and Business Networking International.


Rocio Ceballos
Lead Designer & Project Manager 

I consider myself as a motivated and fast learner individual. I love to work for a successful company that motivates employees to work under challenging environment such as ARD. At the same time, I love to invest my time and knowledge on a teams that sets goals and strive for success through leadership and example. I have a passion for design and construction and love to see how a good project can successfully affect society and communities.
Currently as a member of the AIA I found out about the upcoming design and construction trend of Sustainable design, so I decided to prepare for the LEED AP examination and I have further learned the need of a sustainable design practice in the field of design and construction. In the future and present we would hope to implement in ARD and my career this kind of environmentally conscious approach for the needs of society. As an architect and now construction management graduate student I would love to practice sustainable design for the development of communities and the built environment.

Damiane Nickles
Creative Director

An illustrator. A thinker. Crazy about brands and logos.

An Orangeman. A Packer Pelican. An amateur chef. 

A traveler.  A lover of all things francophone. 

Trinidadian. Brooklyn bred. 

A sucker for color.

Most definitely a lover, not a fighter. 

A die-hard bagel enthusiast.

Anaïs Iglesias
Interior Designer

Anaïs Iglesias graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Environmental + Interior Design and a minor in Environment and Society. She aspires to design simple, uncluttered interiors that create a feeling of tranquility and balance. She is committed to ecologically-sound, sustainable design for the well-being of people and the planet and to the use organic forms evoking the natural environment. Anaïs delights in exploring new countries, new cities, and new neighborhoods. She is a practiced photographer and an enthusiastic traveler, hiker, baker, and gardener.